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Words to Live By

  Courage. Love. Trust. Honor. Family. Truth. Charity. Loyalty. Unity. Passion. Joy. Kindness. Humor. Hope.   I just celebrated my 40th birthday. My parents surprised me with a beautiful sterling silver bracelet titled “Words to Live By” – essays on humanity. The note on the front of the booklet that accompanied the bracelet read (and […]

Motivational Monday – Mantras

man·tra   noun noun: mantra; plural noun: mantras   (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation a statement or slogan repeated frequently.   late 18th century: Sanskrit, literally ‘a thought, thought behind speech or action,’ from man- ‘think,’ related to mind.   I have a few different […]

Happy “December Days of Fit-mas”!!!

Good morning y’all!  Whew!  Are we seriously in December already???  When did THAT happen?  A college football season is almost behind us and I feel like we just celebrated July 4th! Thank you to EVERYONE for all of the encouraging words of love and support as I shared my “year in review” on this healthy […]

Barre Any Excuses for this selfie!!!

Hello my friends.  I hope that this Monday is treating all of you well and that everyone is looking forward to this Thanksgiving week!!! Selfies….ah the subject of many a conversation and the reason for the need for extra storage on many a cell phone.  Some love them.  Other not so much.  I’m guilty….and I […]

Your BEST, Most Beautiful Active Life

(image courtesy of Lorna Jane)   Do you ever have those moments of bliss in your life?  Those moments where if someone where photographing you from afar, they would capture a look of peace…contentment…happiness… Those moments where you are living your BEST, most beautiful active life?  Yes?  Me too!  I’m having one of those moments […]

100 Happy Moments!!!

      Last night I celebrated my 100th Barre3 Atlanta – South Buckhead studio class.  Sure… I’ve done more classes than that. I’ve done online workouts.  I’ve done community classes with friends that are opening the second Barre3 studio in Atlanta.  I’ve done runs, walks and other get healthy activities.  But last night…. last […]