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Wow y’all! Has it really been since October that I’ve written a post to share with you?  That can’t be, can it?  Did life get that crazy that I wasn’t able to sit down and share some of the thoughts going through my head?  Share my inspirations?  Share random thoughts from here and there?  Goodness!  I’ve had so much exciting stuff happen since October!

I suppose a quick update is in order on what has kept me busy since October.  As most of you know, Clemson had a STELLAR year and we were able to take advantage of traveling to Charlotte, NC for the ACC Championship, to Miami, FL for the Orange Bowl and to Phoenix, AZ for the National Championship.  We had an amazing time and were able to capture so many priceless memories.  GO TIGERS!  (and well Auburn… there’s always next year WAR EAGLE!)

That brings me to the biggest and most exciting update!  Riche and I were married on January 16, 2016 in St. George’s, Grenada.  We had the most amazing time and there are so many stories to share.  A fun little tid bit, I managed to break my foot while we were in Miami for the Orange Bowl just two weeks shy of our wedding.  No biggie!  I just decorated my air cast and kept on going!








Life has been fabulous since we’ve been back.  Riche and I are both busy at work.  All good things of course!  We’ve both been able to stay active with our healthy lifestyles and physical fitness activities.  Even more importantly, we’ve started going to church.  We’ve found a lovely Methodist church in our neighborhood that is the perfect blend for our religious backgrounds.  The pastor at the church is an inspirational woman – Pastor Carolyn – who is originally from Jamaica.  A few weeks ago, Pastor Carolyn’s sermon was about “commitment” .   The message was that it isn’t just saying your going to commit to something, it’s truly deciding that you are going to commit and then finally commit with action.  She highlighted that commitment isn’t always easy.  In fact it takes discipline, a “stick-to-it-ness” and dedication.  She further shared that there are times where we will decide to commit to something and there will be people on the sidelines…cheering us on but not always willing to step into the action.  That is certainly okay but we need to remember that admiring from the sidelines doesn’t equal true commitment.  There were passages from the Bible that helped to illustrate her points but the biggest take away that really stuck with me was that

decision without commitment is meaningless nor is commitment without action


That really got me thinking.  This very message that we discussed in church was exactly what had been keeping Riche and I busy over the last few months.  We’ve made the decision to commit – commit to our passion for Clemson football.  Commit to our pursuit for healthy lives through our working out and eating well.  Commit to our love for one another by standing in front of our family, our friends, God and not only making the decision to commit but committing to action in all regards.

We didn’t just admire our decisions from the sidelines.  Rather, we committed and took action.  We’ve not only committed to those decisions for ourselves but to each other.  I consider myself blessed beyond measure that I was able to say “I do” to my best friend and love of my life.

What in your life are you waiting to make a decision about?  Have you made the decision but are still waiting to commit?  Have you committed but not yet taken the action to move forward?  What is stopping you?  What is keeping you on the sidelines?

Take this opportunity to decide.  Commit.  Take action.  I can tell you now that I’m back that doing all of those things has made me happier and at peace a hundredfold.

Thanks for stopping by y’all.  Until next time…




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  1. Dad and I are so very proud of and happy for both of you! XOXO

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