365 Opportunities

A New Year…. A New You!  It’s a concept we’ve heard time and again as we enter into a new year. Lists of RESOLUTIONS. Lists of things…activities…actions that are going to bring about a better and stronger you.  That’s all well and good in practice but what happens if you don’t follow through on your well thought out resolutions?  Do you allow yourself to spiral back to where you were before you set forth these guidelines for the new year?  Does this mean you are no longer committing to yourself to be the best person you can be?  It begs the question for me that why do we have to wait for a certain time of year to create these commitments to ourselves?  Instead…why can’t we create well, thought out INTENTIONS that know no time boundaries or restrictions other than our own actions and reactions?  Why can’t we just create an environment where we create space for our future selves to show up?

I’m guilty of this exact thing.  Setting a resolution… a goal… often times lofty, resolute and seemingly unattainable only to feel disappointed when I don’t follow through or achieve it in the time frame I set forth for myself.  I would look and see what I wanted not being available to me at that exact moment.  Relationships I longed for.  The body image I wanted.  The list goes on and on.  I would try and fill the empty space waiting for “IT” to arrive.  Yet time and time again I would find that the “in the meantime” kind of living was a toxic compromise.  I didn’t want to face that allowing some empty space in my life could feel blank and uncomfortable….kind of like that uncomfortable silence when you are in the car or a closed in space with someone and neither of you have anything to say.  You can feel the silence weighing down on your shoulders.  I would allow myself to “spiral” and not allow myself to just be…  Did I “doubt”?  Or was I ready to“do”?


Overtime, however, I’ve grown.  Rather than “spiral”, I’ve allowed myself to feel exhilarated with the open space.  The openness…the feeling of possibility…the space to attract brighter realities.  I set clear intentions for myself so that I could slow down and allow what I wanted to find to catch and find me.  With those intentions I made space for what I “wanted to show up” and made time for myself to work towards those goals and intentions…. to “DO”!   As part of my barre3 practice, I often hear Sadie and her team mention the concept of “crowding out” By crowding out certain things, we can make room for the positive things we want in our lives.  This holds true for my view of intentions.  I no longer set strict resolutions but rather intentions that allow me to crowd out the space that is being filled with actions I no longer want to engage in and to make room for the things that I do want to prioritize in my life.

I was reminded the other day of a lyric by the great Janis Joplin from her song “Me & Bobby McGee” – “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”   Just like that, by creating the space for the things I want in my life, I felt a sense of freedom.  I have nothing left to lose and everything to gain.  Just like that I regained control of my New Year.  365 days to enjoy my freedom.  365 days to feel the possibility.  365 days to work towards my intentions and relish in my bright opportunities.






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