Happy “December Days of Fit-mas”!!!

Good morning y’all!  Whew!  Are we seriously in December already???  When did THAT happen?  A college football season is almost behind us and I feel like we just celebrated July 4th!

Thank you to EVERYONE for all of the encouraging words of love and support as I shared my “year in review” on this healthy lifestyle journey.  I live this lifestyle day in, day out and having the support of family and friends makes it that much better!

As I set forth on this next year of health and fitness goals, I am going to borrow a term that a dear friend and fellow KKG sister, Jordan, used recently… Fit-mas.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this (and as a result, I am going to borrow it!)  As we all move into the holiday season,  it feels like sometimes life gets even busier.  Work, holiday, travel, parties etc. etc. all while still trying to stay true to our health/wellness/fitness goals.  I don’t know about y’all but some days that is easier said than done!  I would like to say that I’m a Powerhouse every.single.day but if I’m going to be honest, I have off days just like everyone else.  As we say at barre3, “Honor Your Truth Level”.

So as I enter this hectic holiday season, I’ve decided to recommit to my health/wellness and fitness goals.  We’ve all heard of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Well my friends, I am creating my own December Days of Fit-mas!  This is a pledge and commitment to myself to take these 31 days of December and use them as a foundation to get myself ready for the New Year ahead.  I have my own personal goals that include nutrition, fitness, personal/emotional/mental well-being, spiritual, financial health etc etc. that I will focus on for the month of December with the ultimate goal of preparing myself for the New Year in mind, body and spirit.

Eating at a favorite local restaurant a couple of weeks ago, Souper Jenny’s, there was a great reminder of my commitment to a whole/clean lifestyle and another motivator for my re-commitment to this healthy lifestyle.  Someone had listed their “10 Thoughts on Whole Living”.  I’m planning on using this as my framework for my own personal goals.



Who’s with me???  Anyone else want to celebrate the “December Days of Fit-mas” with me?  The beauty of this is that everyone can have their own personal experience with their own personal set of goals.  You can’t go wrong!  Shoot – if Frank Costanza can create “Festivus” on Seinfeld, than I think that I can most certainly create the December Days of Fit-mas!  Be sure to let me know so we can all check in on each other!

So here we go (sing along to the tune of a 12 Days of Christmas)…

“On this second Day of Fit-mas, I choose to honor me, by living a life that is whole and healthy!”

Happy December Days of Fit-mas friends!!!

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  1. Loved meeting you at Barre3, Casey, and love your blog! You are an inspiration to me to think of December as a month to eat right and get fit!


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