Barre Any Excuses for this selfie!!!

Hello my friends.  I hope that this Monday is treating all of you well and that everyone is looking forward to this Thanksgiving week!!!

Selfies….ah the subject of many a conversation and the reason for the need for extra storage on many a cell phone.  Some love them.  Other not so much.  I’m guilty….and I share this next selfie proudly and for the simple fact that I worked VERY hard to make it happen.  You see…one year ago this weekend, I finally took the steps to take back the control of my health (as best I could) and made the decision that I would work on my best self.



One year ago this weekend, I wore clothes that were at least 5-6 sizes larger than what I wear now.  One year ago this weekend, I was over 50 pounds heavier.  One year ago this weekend, I was not healthy.  Today???  Today I am strong.  Today I am over 50 pounds lighter.  Today I feel comfortable not only in my clothes that are 5-6 sizes smaller but I feel comfortable in my skin.  Today I am healthy and continue to strive to be the best self I can be.



I should also make mention that I owe one of my specialists, an oncologist in Atlanta that Riche and I met with a little over a year ago, that was tremendously helpful…and tremendously honest.  There are a number of aspects of my health journey that I don’t have control over but in this instance I did… I could work on my physical strength and weight loss to build the strongest body I could to fight the “chaos” that was trying to make its way back into my life.  While it was hard to hear at the time, his words ultimately helped encourage me to find the woman inside whose heart was ready to roar and be magnificent.




Much like Audrey, I chose to be strong even on days when it felt like everything was going wrong.  I chose to find my happiness again.  I chose to embrace each day as it came.



With the support of my family and friends and with the inner strength I knew I had, I chose to work hard.  Every day.  I fell in love with my passion of barre3 not just because of the physical strength it offered me but for the amazing community of women that walked by my side through my transformation.  This community became a part of my daily routine…this community has become a part of who I am as a person… this community and lifestyle has become just as much a part of my life as the other things I treasure so dearly.



Even on the days when I was tired, I kept going.  I had several mantras.  One of which I continue to keep in my own “bright lights” and that is to –



So with all of that my friends, I offer you this selfie.  The one that I worked so hard for… The one that I have no shame in sharing because it is a part of my story.  A story that continues to be written.  In one more year, I look forward to sharing another selfie of self growth but until then, I am going to continue to strive to never give up….to keep working hard…to “barre” all excuses and to let the chaos help my heart to roar magnificently.


And for those of you who might feel like you are where I was one year ago this weekend, please remember and know that it is never too late to start over again.  I leave you with these beautifully written words from F. Scott Fitzgerald encouraging us all to life a life we’re proud of..



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  1. A very good morning to you! What a beautiful way to start the day here in Barcelona with such a heartfelt testimonial. Dad and I are so very proud of you. As always. ……”you’re our favorite”! AND Riche too! XOXO

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