Invitation of the Day


I have been a HUGE fan of StoryPeople prints for years now.  I’ve got several pieces in my collection and have shared this passion through gifts to friends over the years.  The artwork is quirky.  The quotes and stories are eclectic and they almost always make me smile.  Much like this morning.

You can sign up for an email to deliver the StoryPeople print of the day.  When I opened my email this morning over coffee, I instantly fell in love with today’s story….”Invitation of the Day“.  We’ve had a lot going on in our house over the last few weeks.  Ups.  Downs.  “Inbetween’s”…. So when I read this, I couldn’t help but join into the chant of yes, yes, YES!!!!

I have a natural personality quirk of fixating on things.  Sometimes I get stuck thinking about the past or maybe even the future and if this decision was right or if this choice was good.  I love this reminder to be present in our lives in this present moment…to lean in to each day and hear the invitation of everything life has to offer….of everything life has for us to experience.  In the now.

And just like that…as I was sitting and drinking my morning coffee, I closed my eyes…took a deep breath…let myself lean into to hear the invitation and felt my body melt when I said yes, yes, YES!

Be alive my friends and lean in to hear the invitation of your day!

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