I folded the laundry AGAIN!



I recently read an article that I loved.  It was written by a husband, Tony Posnanski, titled “I Did the Dirty Dishes at 2 a.m.”  It was a perfect story about that moment in a relationship when you get frustrated about some mundane task and you start to get frustrated with your partner as you do this mundane task and somehow during the course of said mundane task, it hits you.  Your partners day was just as hard as yours and they do so many other things for you that you should just stop and do the dishes already.  You learn to respect what you both bring to the relationship and how hard you both work in your own ways.

I love Riche with all of my heart.  He is one of the most amazing, kind, loving partners a woman could ask for… People ask us both… are you sure you want to get married again?  With a resounding yes, we both know that we were given this second chance at finding the person we were meant to be with.  So…when I’m folding what feels like the 80,000th load of laundry for the week and matching what feels like the 80,000th pair of his black socks that have slight variations on them so you have to pay attention and match the right ones… and I feel that moment of frustration at performing this mundane task that it seems like only I can perform… I stop because it hits me.  Riche does so much for me and loves with such abandon that I need to just stop and fold the laundry already!

That’s one of the many many things I love and respect about our relationship.  We share responsibilities.  There are days when those responsibilities aren’t even.  Most often times that means that Riche is doing more for our family than I am or vice versa but ultimately, we are working together as a team and working to make our relationship the best it can be.  We have fun.  We communicate.  We love each other.  We respect each other.

It hit me this morning when you talk about mundane tasks.  It was a cold 30 degree something morning in Atlanta.  We both had about 1″ of ice on our car windows.  I had already been awake getting the dogs taken care of and oddly enough, folding some laundry when I saw Riche pass by and head outside.  As I was gathering all of my stuff for work, I walked outside and he had started both of our cars so that the ice would be melted and the inside would be warm.  So laundry folding?  I’ll take that one.  This second chance at loving a man who loves me too…I’ll take that one too and I’ve never going to let it go.


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