At the end….find a rainbow and frame it.

I’ve had several friends post links to this article  and hadn’t had a chance to read it until now.  My heart hurts for those that have lost in their lives.  I’ve watched people I love dearly battle cancer and ultimately, no matter how strong or gracious, lose the fight.  I sit here now watching my sweet Winnie (some might argue that she’s “just a dog” but she is like a child to me) battle her inner demons with her epilepsy and brain tumor and know in my heart that her time too is coming soon.  It makes me sad.  I want to put a positive, happy, upbeat spin on it all but sometimes I have to tell myself that it’s ok to just be sad.  With that sadness though, I will treasure every moment I have with her and treasure every happy memory I have of those friends and loved ones that have gone before me.  As the author of this article so brilliantly and tragically beautifully wrote, I will find the rainbow and frame it.  I invite you all to do the same… I leave you with some of her poignant words but also ask that you honor both hers and countless others memories by taking a few uninterrupted minutes to read her final article before she said goodbye and found her sweet, inner peace.

“Embrace your loved one and if they cannot embrace you back, find someone who will. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in return. Don’t settle for less. Find a job you enjoy, but don’t become a slave to it. You will not have ‘I wish I’d worked more’ on your headstone. Dance, laugh and eat with your friends. True, honest, strong friendships are an utter blessing and a choice we get to make, rather than have to share a loyalty with because there happens to be link through blood. Choose wisely then treasure them with all the love you can muster. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Life has a lot of grey and sadness – look for that rainbow and frame it. There is beauty in everything, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to see it.”

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