Your BEST, Most Beautiful Active Life


(image courtesy of Lorna Jane)


Do you ever have those moments of bliss in your life?  Those moments where if someone where photographing you from afar, they would capture a look of peace…contentment…happiness… Those moments where you are living your BEST, most beautiful active life?  Yes?  Me too!  I’m having one of those moments right now…  it’s that time in your life like the image painted above.  It doesn’t happen by coincidence.  There is usually some kind of outside influence that helps shape that beautiful, active life.  The true beauty of it all?  We don’t need an outside influence to achieve this bliss.  We have it right inside of us!!!  This image summed it up perfectly for me and how I’ve been able to find that beautiful life that I’m feeling today…

  1. MOVE your body every day!
  2. NOURISH yourself from the inside out.
  3. BELIEVE that anything is possible.

Perhaps the most important thing that I try to remind myself is that those moments…the moment of bliss that I am feeling right now is unique to this very spot in time.  A gift for the present. An opportunity to remember that like Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently stated… “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”



Go embrace your day my friends!  Work on finding your balance and your moment of bliss!  Use the strength that you have inside to obtain your your BEST, most beautiful active life!!!!

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