100 Happy Moments!!!





Last night I celebrated my 100th Barre3 Atlanta – South Buckhead studio class.  Sure… I’ve done more classes than that. I’ve done online workouts.  I’ve done community classes with friends that are opening the second Barre3 studio in Atlanta.  I’ve done runs, walks and other get healthy activities.  But last night…. last night, I celebrated 100 classes since the studio opened at the end of March.  More than that, I celebrated 100 opportunities.  100 gifts. 100 happy moments.



When I look back over the last few months, so many of those happy moments were connected in some shape, way or form to those 100 classes.  100 chances to spend time with good friends.  100 chances to make new friends.  Ultimately a string of 100 happy moments that contributed to my now happy life.  I stopped worrying and being busy with trying to get a happy life and in return found myself exactly where I hoped to be.



As we were finishing class last night, I became overwhelmed with emotion and for so many reasons.  I looked to my left, and the man that I love was standing right next to me….purple toesox and all!  Even more than him literally standing right beside me to help celebrate my 100th class, he has stood by me through everything in our almost two years together.  I look back to when I started barre3 online in November 2013 and how far I’ve come and realized that with his support and the support of my friends and family, I found my bravest self.  The self that could, should and was brave enough to start the journey of a “100 classes”.



There were good days and bad days.  Good classes and not so great classes.  Most importantly (and unlike the past), I was stronger than my excuses.  Sure I have health issues. Sure I’m busy with work.  Sure I’ve got a gazillion other things that I could be doing.  Instead, those “100 classes” were no longer a chore that I needed to make an excuse for but instead became a part of who I am and what I do.  Being a part of a larger group that allowed me to not be afraid of giving up the good and instead seize the opportunity to be great!



I love my barre3 family.  When I walk into the studio, I am no longer walking into a place where I “just” workout.  I walk into a place that makes me happy.  A place where I see friends that warm my heart and make my spirit smile.  A place that allowed me to go past dreaming of being healthy, strong and happy and instead offering a home where I could work for those goals.



So last night I celebrated 100 classes and am thrilled for the string of opportunities to celebrate 1,000 more!




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