Natural Light Shining Through the Dust

A dear friend was over the other afternoon to take family pictures of our furry Brady Bunch family (four dogs, a cat and three turtles – the pictures were mostly the dogs but you get the point).  As many of you may know, our sweet Winnie was diagnosed with a possible brain tumor and rare form of epilepsy but that’s another story for later.  We were able to capture some amazing photos out in the backyard and some good action shots taking all of the dogs for a walk.  Then we went inside…

Inside the house.  The one I clean EVERY weekend.  The one that I vacuum… dust… etc. etc. so that in the off chance that a random visitor “pops in”, I’m ready.  Except this day.  This day that I KNEW my friend was coming over.  No this day, the one where my friend asked me to *gasp* raise the blinds to let in the natural light. CRAP!  Which blinds?  The ones over there?  Ummm…the ones that I seemingly NEVER opened to clean.  Great…THOSE blinds.  With every painful step to the kingdom known as “Dustland”, I was dreading what would be behind not only the curtains but under the blinds.   The anticipation building and the nervous beads of sweat forming on my forehead (ok…this may be a slight exaggeration but it sure does add to the story now doesn’t it – plus I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic), I pulled back the curtains like Toto in the Wizard of Oz.  Also like the Wizard of Oz, the dust started to form into a funnel.  I started to pull the blinds open and there…there it was…. the dust and grime that will tend to collect when not touched in let’s say, ever.  The nasty, overgrown piles of dust.  AAAHHH!!!  My world shattered… my illusion and cover blown.  No longer could I cover up the dog hair and dust (that had accumulated since I cleaned just a day prior) with soft lighting and good smelling candles.  The natural light had exposed everything….and that’s when it hit me.




What else in my life had I been neglecting like those dust covered windows?    Yes… I did just make a transition to a  major life thought from a story that started with dust and dog hair but it made me think none the less. What else in our lives are we doing once in a while that we  should be doing every day?  Are we waiting to reach out to a friend to catch up when we could be chatting every day?  Are we waiting to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a combo of proper nutrition and exercise until it’s time  to go see the doctor and trick our way into a good cholesterol score?  Are we waiting to feed our spiritual needs until we reach an event or point in our lives that we need the support?  Most importantly though, I think it’s prudent to prioritize the things we should be doing every day…the things that matter… to –


Will anyone remember the dust living behind my blinds?  Will my friend not be my friend anymore because she saw behind the curtains of my soft lighting and good smelling candles?  No.  I can tell you with absolute certainty, that prioritizing my furry family every day rather than worrying about dust and fur, will matter far more a year from now while I treasure those pictures that we took on a gorgeous Atlanta afternoon when I let all of the natural light shine through.

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