Skinny Jeans and Sparkling Eyes

Riche and I had a lovely evening last night with our dear friends and neighbors, Greg and Waman.  I had really been looking forward to the evening out with our friends as they had been traveling for 6 weeks and just returned home.   I decided that I didn’t feel like wearing my work clothes that I’d been in all day and instead felt like wearing something a little more…”sassy” if you will.

Oh hello skinny jeans.  My (long not so lost but instead buried in the back of the closet) friends.  What?  You want to go out on the town tonight?  I don’t think so.  You know that you’ve been out of the loop for a couple of years now.  Oh fine!  I’ll try you on….again.  And you’ll be disappointed and go back into your pile…again.  What! Oh my!  You fit perfectly!  You cheeky little things!  You’ve been holding out on me!

This may seem unimportant to most but this was a huge “milestone” for me on this weight loss journey.  I haven’t worn these jeans since Riche and I first started dating almost 2 years ago.  Even now, I’d been so focused on so many different things that I’d forgotten to let myself have these little “wins”.  My principles and ideals of my journey remain the same but I needed the reminder that I’m a little bit stronger each day than the person I was the day before.





So off to dinner we went…skinny jeans and all.  When we got home and in the silence of getting ready for bed, I couldn’t help but let some old thoughts crawl back into my head about how I’d let myself get so far away from where I was health and fitness wise only two seemingly short years ago.  I’d worked so hard at that point to have lost 80 pounds.  How did I “let myself” gain back part of that weight?  How did I let my goals shift?  That’s when I had to stop myself and remind myself of my strong belief that everything happens for a reason.  I just needed the gentle nudge… a friendly reminder… that all of my life events over the past two years was for a purpose….and here I am again… on the flip side a stronger version of my former self…both physically and mentally.




What a journey it has been getting back into those skinny jeans!  Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my barre3 and running routines.  I love sharing my story of my getting back in shape even in spite of all the health challenges that have been thrown my way over the past two years.  Wearing those skinny jeans represented every drop of sweat…every salty tear… every sore muscle…. every tired moment over the past two years that got me to where and who I am today.  I gave myself that gentle and friendly reminder to remember all of the changes I had to go through to achieve what I have today.  I couldn’t get excited about the skinny jeans without also admitting the changes I made to fit in them.  (I think I’ve moved past literally talking about skinny jeans now wouldn’t you agree?)




All of that hard work didn’t just happen. It took work.  A lot of hard work.  More importantly though, it came from setting goals.  Yes I have a long term goal in mind but it is all of the small goals…all the sizes of skinny jeans…along the way that added up to seeing results.  Remember those mistakes and events I wrote about earlier being learning opportunities?  And how I questioned how I “let myself” change so much in two years?  I’d stopped setting goals.  I stopped having little wins.  I forgot to motivate myself.  That all changed when I let my “now” self be superior and take priority over my “former” self.  I put me first.  I set goals.  I got results.




But ultimately at the end of the day….at the end of a lovely dinner with dear friends and neighbors…I celebrated my small win.  I wore my skinny jeans….and my eyes sparkled once again.





2 Responses to “Skinny Jeans and Sparkling Eyes”

  1. Awesome.
    Beautifully stated.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. So well written and you’ve expressed so much of what I feel or have felt on a daily basis. First, off the scale victories are amazing! OWN the fact that YOU (and you alone!) worked your booty into those jeans 😉

    Just know that you, your story, your words and your radiant spirit are an inspiration to all you encounter! I aam continually challenged & inspired by you! So thankful I have you in my life to help me, myself, embrace the strengths I admire in you!

    Here’s to where we are two years from now!

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