It’s all a matter of perspective…


When it comes down to it, isn’t life most often times just a matter of perspective?  Glass half empty?  Half full?  Is something too hard to accomplish or is it something that will challenge us past our comfort zone?  Is our reality set in stone or do we have the power to alter our inward perception to change our outward actuality?

After a frustrating Saturday with all of the challenges that were thrown our way to include both cars needing to go into the shop and our air conditioning “going out” on what was otherwise a humid weekend, my inward and outward reality and attitude was that of irritation and defeat.  I had allowed these challenges to thwart what otherwise was a very positive start to my weekend.

As I moved into Sunday, I went to my regularly scheduled barre3 studio class, admittedly not with the same level of enthusiasm I would normally have.  I looked forward to seeing my friends but my head was noisy with all of the outside influences of what needed to be taken care of back home.  I found however that as class started, my friend, instructor and studio owner, Katie, offered me a very timely and prudent reminder that –

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

Ah!  Insert light bulb moment here.  Nothing is impossible.  (To include finally making it through the entire famed “water ski” posture without breaking hold but I digress!)  Cars can be fixed.  A/C units can be fixed or replaced.  Let me not forget another motivational nugget that the very word challenge contains the word change.  Even after being presented with several challenges, a simple change in thought process inwardly almost instantly changed my outward reality.  I felt more grounded and strong…both mentally and physically.

As I drove home that morning in the quiet of what was soon to become a busy Atlanta Sunday morning on Peachtree Road, I had a new found outlook on what the day had to hold.   In that one hour studio class, I was able to achieve an inner peace and a new found inner strength that certainly changed my outer reality.  What a welcome change it was!  As you move into your week ahead, I hope for all of you that you take a few minutes to think of what is possible for you and what you have the ability to achieve inwardly to change your outer realities.  Have a great week my friends!


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