Good energy is contagious!



Happy Monday my friends!  After spending some time on Facebook this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the number of posts about the challenge for not complaining for 24 hours. I think it went something like this –

Go 24 hours without complaining – not even once!  Then watch how your entire day, even your entire week, is changed for the better.


Gosh… how many times do I start my Monday’s with “I’m tired” or “the weekends go by too quickly” or “it’s so hot outside” or even more complicated complaints about life’s little challenges that come my way.  It almost seems like a natural answer some days that just rolls off the tongue.

Then I saw this lovely image this morning –

You never know who needs you.  Good energy is contagious.


How fitting and true!  I think about some of my friends and things that they are going through right now.  Deaths in their family.  Loss of jobs.  Ending of relationships.  Feelings of anxiety and stress.  Loss.  Or even on a positive note…having something exciting they want to share but don’t know how or who with.  So this got me thinking.  Rather than me start an interchange with someone…friend or stranger alike, why not begin with something positive?  Put good energy out into the world and let it spread!

So I’m going to take the 24 hour challenge and raise it a level.  Strive for longer than 24 hours.  Have and share good energy every day.  You never now who might need it… or need you.

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