Rainy days are temporary…

Rainy Day

That Pharrell Williams… he has such a way with words.  That and his songs are featured in some super cute movies that make me smile but that’s not the point of this post.

Last weekend as I was driving to the studio, the sky was so cloudy and ready for rain.  Dark, gloomy and overcast is not the perfect start to a Saturday morning.  By the time I left the studio, the sky was blue and the clouds white.  The sun was shining and just like that *poof* my mood changed.

That got me thinking about one of my favorite songs from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, “Just A Cloud Away” by Pharrell Williams.  The opening line:

This rainy day is temporary
The contrast is why we got ’em

‘Cause sun shining through is just a cloud away way…

I feel like that could apply to so many things in life.  There are always going to be rainy days and clouds (and not just in reference to the weather).  Things happen…challenges arise… money, relationships, jobs, health, fitness… the list could go on and on but ultimately those “clouds” and “rainy days” will pass and a beautiful blue sky with white clouds will come back.  One of the other lines in his song always sticks out to me:

We all, of course, been there before
Been there cryin’, fightin’, the dark
let good energy be your strong…

“Let good energy be your strong”… In all of my life circumstances, I’ve always tried my hardest to adopt the attitude that life will continue to go on all around me no matter my outlook.  I don’t have control over what happens to me.  I don’t have control over those rainy days and gloomy clouds.  Ultimately what I do have control over is how I react to them.  Rather than get stuck in the moment, I try my best to embrace it and “let the good energy” be my strong…. and just maybe, the clouds will turn white and the sky blue and the sun will shine through again.

I have a dear group of friends that call ourselves “The Circle”.  We are an eclectic group of amazing women who enjoy each others company and diversity and how our friendship makes each of us stronger.  One of the members of the group has a beautiful little girl.  One day when we were all together at a friends house (sipping on mimosa’s), we looked to see her little girl gazing out the window into a bright ray of sunshine.  The way that the light was coming through the window was like a prism of energy.  She would gently “blow raspberries” into the sunshine and was so content with seeing little droplets of her precious “spit” (pardon the harsh terminology) and was so amused.  She sat there for such a long time, happy as could be, and we all came up with the term “spitting into the sunshine”.  When we have moments where we feel bogged down or distracted, we try to remind each other to take a step back.  Looks at the sunshine coming through the window and “spit into the sunshine”.  While we may not literally start spitting, it does help to appreciate all the beauty around us and not get stuck in the gloomy clouds.

So as I move into the weekend, I remember that rainy days are temporary… the contrast is why we got ’em… ’cause sun shining through is just a cloud away…





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