What are you grateful for?



Hi.  My name is Casey and I’m  social media addict.  Well maybe not an addict but I will admit that when I first wake up in the morning (after the whole grumbling about my alarm going off to soon), I pick up my phone and start the wake up process by checking my phone.  I’ll scroll through Instagram.  Check out Facebook.  If I’m feeling like it’s extra hard to get out of bed, I’ll even *gasp* check my work email.  Yesterday morning started out just like any other.  I opened my Facebook app and perhaps one of the sweetest things was waiting for me.  A post.  From the man that I love.  About how much he appreciates and loves me.  (Ok, ok.  I know this might sound like the beginnings of a sappy ramble but give me a  few seconds… I have a point.  I promise!)

Riche and I have had chats in the past about our “Love Language“.  I think that we are a combination of all of them at any given point in our lives but of course we have one that tends to be more dominant.  I think that mine would have to be “words of affirmation” but not in the traditional definition of the phrase.  I don’t want to hear a compliment just for the sake of receiving one but rather am deeply moved when someone makes an effort to share a kind word or thought with me just because.

So back to my morning.  Riche posted in a very public forum something very touching and heartfelt about me and it made me feel wonderful.  Fast forward to the end of the day after I finished a barre3 workout at the studio and a dear friend gave me a sweet little gift that we had talked about weeks before.  Nothing fancy but that didn’t matter.  The idea that someone would have listened so intently to something I mentioned weeks earlier and then surprise me with it later made me feel so blessed of having their friendship.  So this got me thinking.  Rather than wake up in the morning and instantly start looking at app’s that have no significant meaning in my life, why not wake up and before I put my feet on the ground, count five things I am grateful for…

So that’s what I did this morning and here’s what I counted…

1)  Second Chances – This one could cover a multitude of things but most specifically and ever present is my second chance at love.  Every morning and every night, I’ve been given the second chance of waking up and falling asleep next to the most amazing man that I love.  I had been in a miserable marriage for 11 years. That doesn’t matter anymore.  Yes.  There were many parts of it that only made me stronger but the fact of the matter is that I have my here and now and that second chance at love was one of the most amazing gifts that I will eternally be grateful for.  Riche is a man who has a heart that loves deeply.  He is kind.  He makes me laugh.  He makes my heart ridicuously happy.  Most importantly though, he loves me for the person I am and encourages me to be the best me I can be.  I am grateful for his love…his friendship…and for the second chance that brought him into my life.

2)  Family – My parents are two of my best friends.  They have been my world since I was brought into this world.  They have always led by example of what a strong marriage should be…two best friends that have carried their love throughout life…together and without abandon.  They have been supportive of me in every way possible.  I am so grateful for their love and friendship and only hope and pray that I can give back to them the love and support they have given to me so generously over the years.

3)  My Health Issues – Huh?  All the challenges, pain and heartbreak from over the years?  I’m grateful for it?  Yes…with absolute certainty yes.  It has been a VERY long road and one that is far from ending but I am grateful.  I’m grateful for the strength it has brought into my life.  I’m grateful for the opportunity for specialists to learn more about my conditions so that other women don’t have to experience the same things I have.  I’m grateful for the empathy that it has given me when talking to other people about their health conditions.  I’m grateful for the determination and faith that if I keep pushing through that eventually I’ll come out on the other side.

4)  My friends – What would I do without my friends?  They are my world and I am grateful for each and every one of them and what their friendship means in my life.  I have been given the amazing gift of having people in my life that I love and for that I am thankful…each and every day!

5)  Muscle Tension – Ok… so maybe this wasn’t the best titling for the fifth thing I was grateful for this morning but the fact that I could feel the tension in my legs, arms and upper back means that amazing changes are happening in my body.  It feels good to know that I am taking care of myself because that allows me to take care of other people.  There were many days where I didn’t feel like exercising or bettering my health but I’ve come back to the strong woman I know I can be.  So as I put my feet on the ground this morning, and I feel that little twitch in my backside from our Power Leg exercises in yesterdays class, I consider myself grateful for these 5 things but so much more.

What are you grateful for?



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