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Pardon the poor picture quality as I only had a moment to take this picture.  On my way to run an errand at Whole Foods after a challenging but fabulous barre3 class, I saw this construction fencing cover by what is obviously some new construction.

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” – Pablo Picasso

That Pablo Picasso…not only an amazing and innovative artist but also wise with his thoughts and words.  Much like the raw materials Picasso would use in his artwork – a blank canvas, paint, a brush, a concept – all items that existed in one form only to be used/destroyed to create something even more beautiful… a piece of art.

Isn’t that like life?  Cooking – all of the separate ingredients creating a whole meal… Exercise – breaking down the muscles to create longer/stronger ones… Gardening – seeds, soil, energy, water creating a beautiful plant.  Emotions – painful, happy, sad, confused, pride, joy etc. growing into perhaps a new belief, feeling or memory.  So many different and diverse opportunities to break something down to only create something new.

I wonder if Picasso thought about that when he introduced the cubism art form to the 20th century art world.  Taking art from a two dimensional view…breaking it down (an act of destruction) and creating a fresh, modern art form that could be viewed from so many different standpoints, angles and dimensions.

It’s amazing how even in the few seconds that I was stopped in front of what I would have only seen previously as new construction and a hindrance to my errand running, I was able to break down (destroy) my perception and instead see the creation of a new view…an appreciation of the subtle art and placement of Picasso’s words.

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