“Throw Back Thursday” – How do you fill your glass?



If you’d asked me just over a week ago, how I fill my glass (especially when referencing a bar), I would have answered with a hearty “Dirty Chopin Martini – up – three blue cheese stuffed olives”!  Maybe followed by another popular choice of wine or bourbon.  After having spent the last few days with my parents and Riche at my Grandmothers home in Wisconsin, I would have a totally different answer.


During what was a sad time for our family, cleaning up my Grandmothers house, after her having passed away passed October, we were also able to celebrate her life and our time with her.  I found picture after picture of wonderful memories together as a family.  Snapshots in time of special occasions, loving glances, shared experiences…. I loved this picture for “Throw Back Thursday” of me sitting at the bar in my grandparents basement that my Great Uncle built so many years ago.  I was even ready back then to order my favorite”cocktail” – ginger ale…straight up…two cherries ! Ha!    It makes me think of a quote I once read:


“The world is like a bar, we all fill our glasses the way we can.”  ― M.F. Moonzajer


While the drink has changed and I’ve gotten older, I love everything this picture represents to me.  I even extend this to not only the world being like a bar but life being like a bar.  I was able to “fill my glass” with happy memories… family… friends… faith… Sometimes my “glass” may appear empty or not taste just right with all the challenges life can throw our way, but I always have the choice to empty that glass and start fresh.  Maybe not with ginger ale this go round but a dirty martini shaken perfectly with sparkly bits of ice shining from the clear liquid below.


So on this Throw back Thursday, let me ask you… how do you fill your glass of life?


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